OFS Logo and Its Use

The official Oklahoma Forestry Services logo is to be used on all official electronic and print publications, reports, correspondence, business cards, news releases, advertising, displays, invitations and awards.

To help ensure consistency in agency publications, protect the integrity of the logo please adhere to the following guidelines with regard to logo use.

The logo can be produced in black or reversed out in white for use on dark backgrounds such as those used in PowerPoint presentations. The logo itself has a transparent background and should be used in its entirety, with no alterations or visual distortions.

The logo may be reduced or enlarged as necessary, provided it is not distorted, maintains its original shape and meets the agency’s high-quality standards. (To ensure the logo is resized proportionally in Word,, hold down the Shift key while dragging to enlarge/reduce the logo. If using graphic editing software, please read documentation for your software on how to resize proportionally to ensure a high-quality graphic.)

To download a specific file, right click and choose the option in the menu for saving the file to your computer (Internet Explorer the option is "save target as" and in Firefox the option is "save link as").

      Oklahoma Forestry Services Logo - Color      
      Oklahoma Forestry Service Logo - Black/White    


All questions about the use of the logo should be directed to Oklahoma Forestry Services Communications or the Director’s Office.